Meet Our Partners

To our Partners we thank you and acknowledge you for your continued dedication and support of C.C.D.C. mission and programs .  We are proud to work with organizations that are committed to work together to give our young people the resources to reach their full potential.


Bagley Youth Development

Bagley Youth Development, LLC, was instituted to address and support the needs of youth and their families through positive interventions. A Holistic approach is used to work within the family unit. This form of intervention will lead to increased resiliency, greater self esteem, enhanced socialization skills and proficient problem solving abilities. (






A.C.I.P. (Atlanta Community Impact Program)

A.C.I.P. (Atlanta Community Impact Program)

A.C.I.P. promote offenders successful re-entry into the community by partnering with local law enforcement, state and community agencies and organizations. The collaboration between local law enforcement and community resources focus on prevention, accountability and meeting an offenders criminogenic needs (substance abuse, education, behavior modification,  and employment).